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About us

AD businesses Company is a Security Consultancy and Training reality operating globally, headquartered in Konstanz Germany, and owned by Danilo Amelotti.
Since its creation, AD Businesses has been successfully supporting individuals, small and medium-sized companies, development organizations’ and authorities with risk management consultancy and training. Based on extensive experience in the security and risk management sector, AD Businesses has developed several trainings and services that can help its client when working or travelling in Hostile Environments.

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AD-Businesses Services

Our Trainings

AD-Businesses provide its clients with dedicated and professional training within the “Hostile Environment” area.
AD-Businesses Training comprehends H.E.A.T., C.A.C., Travel Security, Hotel security, and Home defence.
The AD-Businesses training is carried out directly at the customer’s site, to allow savings on live costs and time optimization.

Training can also be conducted remotely in a video conference. 


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Travel without concerns

The course aims to inform and prepare people to travel with awareness, planning his movements, and always keeping the right level of security in every place or situation encountered.


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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

A natural continuation of Travel security, HEAT aims to inform and prepare personnel who travel or work in potentially hostile, isolated or remote parts of the world.



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Protect your home and family

The course aims to teach the strategies and defence tactics to be adopted for the defence of a home or workplace. The course addresses all the issues, from the planning stage to the possible intrusion response strategies


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Coaching and consulting. 

Life is unpredictable, be always prepared for the best and the worst.

When talking about security in Hostile Environment, it is important to take into consideration all aspect and information, and transform such information in useful documents and security routine. AD-Businesses offers you a professional and competent consulting and coaching service, which will help you and your staff to establish the right safety routine and the best procedures to adopt in any crisis management situation. 



Mangoldstr. 10, 78462 Konstanz

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