Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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Course description The nature of interventions in crisis areas often requires civilian personnel to operate in unstable and insecure environments. Even if there is no clear armed conflict or the hostilities have ceased, situations of disorder caused by uncontrolled elements may persist or be present, exposing civilian personnel to risks of various kinds and sizes. In many countries, the security risks to the personnel of a mission or work team can also include organized crime, theft, assault and hostage-taking. Therefore, some models of safety awareness and behavior must be part of the tools of each civil operator employed in areas considered to be of medium or high risk. Ensuring the safety, and safety of their personnel, is the most important duty of care for both states and organizations that send their personnel to dangerous or hostile areas. In addition, appropriate security measures that then reduce known risks to an “acceptable” level enable personnel to fulfill their mission objectives more quickly and generally better. Training on the awareness of the hostile environment is therefore to be considered essential for anyone working in these environments. Consequently, the training has the ultimate aim of providing comprehensive information coverage (only theoretical or even practical) on the relevant issues of this sensitive sector. Learning objectives and course content: educational objectives This training has two main objectives: • Improve participants' knowledge of the many threats present in hostile environments, and of the ways and means to manage them effectively; • Review and discuss security procedures based on specific threats. Course modules • Awareness of threats, risks and personal safety • Mission risk management processes, with particular attention to risk assessment and mission / activity safety planning • Mobile security: safety and security procedures on board vehicles • Threat Management • Weapons, mines, improvised explosive devices (IED) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) • Protection of classified and sensitive information • Orientation in the field: map reading and use of compass and GPS; • Orientation, communication Optional with external support and only in practical training • Medical training: health maintenance on mission (BLS-D + Catastrophic Bleeding) • Basic first aid in the field (BLS-D + Catastrophic Bleeding)

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Cancellation, refund and / or modification of the reservation: The full refund for cancellation of the reservation will be available only within 24 hours of the start of the course. The request for cancellation and refund must be sent by email to info@adbusinesses.com. The refund will be made within 5 working days of receipt of the cancellation. The change of the date of the session may also take place close to the session itself. the new date must be agreed with AD-Businesses by sending an e-mail.

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